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20 Meter Roder Clear Top Structure
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A Heated Tent with Liners
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Welcome To Nassau Tent - NTPS Events - Nassau Tent Party Services and Event Rentals; offering numerous types and styles of Tent Rentals and Temporary Structures.  NTPS Event Rentals is a family owned and operated business with numerous locations in Long Island and proudly serving the Metro New York, Long Island, Shelter Island and Fire Island areas;  Established in 1960, our company has been a leader in the Tent rentals and Event rental industry for over 50 Years.  Upon inception we began manufacturing tents and soon after got involved in the tent rental side of the business and never looked back.  In 1969 our company was hired for the Original Woodstock Music Festival.   Since then, we have become a top tier tent rental company in the east coast; setting the scene for everything from large corporate gala’s to intimate dinner parties.

Whether you are an event planner / organizer looking for that unique event rental company that offer great services, outstanding products and a reputation of striving to be the best, or simply an individual getting ready to host an event that you want to be memorable for your guests;  If you require any type of tent rentals or event party rental for your corporate event, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or any other special event or sporting event,  NTPS Events - Nassau Tent Party Services has got you covered with our huge inventory. Our account managers will work with you to answer any questions and offer expert advice on Frame Tents, Clear-Top Tents, Structure Tents and Century Tents and related accessories like Tables, Chairs, Linen, Dishware, Cookware, Furniture Rentals, Full Wood Floors, Dance Floors, Staging, Lighting, Power Distribution, Bathroom Trailers and Climate Control for all your event needs.   We offer a vast inventory of rental products which can be conveniently browsed on our online catalogue.  

We are known for making it happen. Our team of skilled Installers, engineers and architects can design and install tents and flooring around many different types of landscape;  over pools, slopes, hills, trees, beaches and roof-tops.  Complicated installations of tents, staging, lighting and flooring are our specialty.  Being in business for this long we are known for our service, event safety and our quality of products provided to our clients and their special event celebrations.  We take care of the fire safety channels to ensure that your event is up-to-code and meet all local and state requirements (tent rental permits and fire permits vary upon jurisdiction and customer may be responsible to obtain the permits dependant on jurisdiction). 

If clients need help planning their event, NTPS Events does it’s best to provide our customers with a hassle-free event planning experience from the moment of inception to the final toast.    We work with the most respected venues and vendors in the industry and we will always help our client’s stay within budget while still creating - "The Wow”.     Clients often come to NTPS Events with only the glimmer of an idea, and from there our imagination takes flight.  We believe that production design doesn't have to be expensive - it's about creating the right setting for the concept.  It’s also about working with the best vendors and organizing every last detail.      Our team of project managers, designers and technicians work together to create amazing large and small scale events.  NTPS Events portfolio includes major music concerts, festivals, fundraisers, corporate galas, press launches, fashion shows, weddings and family celebrations both lavish and simple. 

NTPS Events has been setting very high standards in excellence within the tent and event rental industry for many years, and that's why our company,  our tents  and our events are often featured in numerous periodicals including industry publications,  newspapers articles, feature films and TV shows. We are known for delivering complicated installations when other tent rental companies either can't or wont do the job. We also offer air conditioning, bathroom trailers and all your party requirement needs from the best suppliers in the industry. 

Nassau Tent Party Services can accommodate any type event such as:
  * Corporate Events * Concerts * Ground Breaking Events
  * Golf & Tennis Clubs * Expand Banquet Facilities * Grand Opening Events
  * Film & TV Productions * Hospitality Events * Weddings and Ceremonies
  * Sporting Events * Promotional Events * Graduations
* Exhibitions Events * Trade Show Events * Car Shows
  * Parties & Special Events * Festivals * Various types of Exhibits

We invite you to browse our website (best viewed in Internet Explorer) and learn more about Nassau Tent Party Services and what we have to offer to make your next event rental an unforgettable event experience.
Complicated Roof Installation
Interior TableScape
Century Tent
interior of Century Tent
Interior Century with Lounge Furniture
Century at Yacht Club
Century Dinner Tent
Tent with Liners
20 Meter Clear Top Structure
Century Wedding Tent

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